Wiper Blades Can Break Your Windshield

Don’t Break Your Windshield!

December 19th, partly sunny and 60 degrees for a high today – crazy weather to have a week before Christmas. Before you know it, we’ll have ice and snow again so take a look at this photo . . . every winter, we get lots of jobs from people who lift their blades to keep them from freezing to the windshield. Also, when you lift them to scrape the ice, be very careful to set them down gently. We’re doing a replacement today for someone who accidentally dropped the wiper blade on his windshield when he was in the middle of replacing his blades. Thanks for reading . . .and enjoy the warm weather. Visit us at www.trueblueautoglass.com for instant quotes and schedulig for:

  1. Auto Glass Repair (if you have comprehensive coverage, there’s almost a 100% chance that your insurance company will pay the cost to repair your car windshield and waive your deductible) and scheduling.
  2. Windshield  and All Other Car Glass Replacement: Broken Side and Back Glass . . . we replace any piece of glass on your truck or passenger vehicle.

Thanks for reading!