Windshield Replacement: How to Prevent Having to Replace It

Windshield Replacement: How to Prevent Having to Replace It

Since windshields look durable at first glance, people don’t pay much attention to them unless they become seriously damaged. Damaged windshields, however, can be extremely expensive to replace. Preventative approaches are always preferable to curative measures. The following are some tips for preventing possible windshield damage:

  1. Keep A Distance From Others

Driving closely behind someone throws up dirt and rocks lying on the road due to the movement of the tires. It is possible for rocks and debris flying at a windshield to cause chips in the glass. In order to avoid this problem, it is wise to maintain a reasonable distance from any vehicle.

  1. Don’t Venture Out in Storms

There is a lot of windshield destruction caused by tornadoes and hailstorms. As a result of these events, there is more chance for pebbles, large rocks, or even tree branches to fly towards your vehicle and cause damage. Avoid driving during these times in order to avoid high repair or replacement costs.

  1. Slow Down

Flying rocks and debris can damage the windshield more readily when you drive fast. The windshield may be even more damaged by deeper chips or cracks due to jerks. In order to avoid such damage, it is suggested that you drive at a reasonable speed.

  1. Regularly Inspect the Windshield

The cost of repairing small chips is low and the windshield’s lifespan is increased after the repair has been completed. In order to prevent your windshield from becoming covered with divots caused by stone chips, it must be fixed immediately. It is not only these chips that cause distortion in visibility, but they can also result in large cracks in the glass over a period of time due to changes in temperature and jerks. This is why it is so crucial to check the windshield on a regular basis to identify small chips in the glass.

  1. Avoid Parking your Car in the Sun for A Long Time

Parking in the shade does much more for your car than just keeping it cool on hot days. The UV rays of the sun and extreme heat can damage the tint and the structural integrity of the windshield. In addition, windshield chips get more damaged and cracked under the sun’s rays. If possible, park your car in a garage or under a tree.

These tips can help protect your windshield from damage and increase its lifespan. Damage is sometimes inevitable, and when that happens, we’re ready to help. Within just a couple of minutes, we provide your clients with a quote for the repair or replacement and they can schedule their appointment online.