Windshield Repair with NO Out-of-Pocket Cost to Me?

Are you planning to have your windshield repaired because it has developed stone chips or cracks? Is the potential cost bothering you?
There is nothing to get worried about!
In Most cases, as long as you have comprehensive insurance coverage, you can get your windshield repaired without spending a penny out of your pocket. You must be thinking “how’s that possible?” The answer is simple. Your car insurance is there to help you out in such situations. Most auto insurance plans waive your deductible for stone chip repairs. That mean – no cost to you. We fix your windshield and bill your insurance company. We also come to you! If you don’t have this coverage, our windshield repairs start at just $79.

How to get find out if you have this coverage?

Whenever your car’s windshield gets damaged, the first thing that you need to do is call True Blue Auto Glass. We work with ALL auto insurance companies. You just need to have your policy number handy when you call us. We will make a quick three-way call with the glass network for your insurance company to confirm they will waive your deductible for the repair and get you on our schedule. Many times, we can schedule the work on the same day you call us.

If you are ever unhappy with the repair work or if it cracks sometime in the future, we credit back the entire cost of the repair towards a replacement.

A quick visit to our windshield repair page, will help you determine if you are insured with a company which waives the deductible for a repair. You can find this information and schedule the work in less than five minutes!

Thanks for reading!