Windshield Care for The Spring Season

Windshield Care for The Spring Season

Each new weather system requires a different approach to windshield care. Using the same techniques year-round may lead to your windshield cracking or breaking altogether. While summer and winter care techniques require rather drastic steps, Spring is one of those seasons where your windshield requires a “light” touch.

Avoiding Windshield Repair or Replacement As Seasons Change

Key considerations to make during the Spring include:

  1. Take a closer look at the windshield. Windshields go through a lot of stress and strain during the winter season. Park your car under the light or in a well-lit area and look at the glass from every angle. Some smaller cracks may only be visible at a certain angle. If you see any cracks, consider getting the windshield repaired as soon as possible.
  2. Wash your car thoroughly. This also includes your car’s undercarriage. If possible, use lukewarm water – though it isn’t a necessity. Scrub the car softly to remove any road salt that may have accumulated underneath. This will prevent rust buildup on the car and improve your windshield’s UV protection. Wash the seams as well. They may seem dry, but snow and salt can get into them easily.
  3. Check the windshield wipers. Windshield wipers can accumulate salt underneath – not to mention the beating they take during the winter. Failure to do so may lead to very small scratches on the windshield visible only during the night. As the number of these scratches increases, it may reduce visibility and increase the risk of an accident. If you don’t wash the wipers, you may need to get your windshield replaced altogether!

If you find any marks on your windshield that won’t budge or think it is time for a repair or replacement, bring it to our showroom, or call True Blue Auto Glass experts at your place today. Let us help you enjoy your spring season!