How Does the Windshield Act As A Safety Device?

Safety is so critical when it come to proper installation of a windshield.  It’s not just to keep the wind out of your face and the bugs out of your eyes!  The windshield of your car serves many purposes. It is considered to be a part of your car’s safety mechanism along with air bags and seat belts. Here are some of the ways in which your windshield keeps you and your loved ones safe:

  1. It acts as a blocking device

The main function of the windshield, as its name suggests, is to block the dust, debris and small rocks from entering the vehicle and getting into your eyes. It covers the front part of the car completely to protect you from the changing weather conditions as well. The glass is treated to absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun and protect you from the heat. You get clear visibility to drive your car safely.

  1. It supports the air bag

Not many people are aware of the fact that the windshield helps the air bag to deploy properly and save you during an accident if it is installed correctly. A cracked or loose windshield can increase your chances of getting seriously injured because the air bag cannot function properly as it does not get the right pressure to deploy. It is important to keep the windshield intact and strong.

  1. It supports the roof of the car

The windshield is attached to the main frame of the car. It is connected to the roof and provides support to it by holding it in place. Initially, car models came with roofs which were supported by steel rods or pillars but now the windshield that covers the front part of the car is enough to prevent the roof from caving in during accidents or collisions. This is another reason to keep the windshield in proper working condition.

  1. It absorbs the force of impact

During collisions or major accidents, you lose control of the car. The car is hit forcefully and the impact can propel you forward in a jerk. However, the windshield makes sure that the force of contact does not affect you much. The auto glass absorbs most of the shock and prevents you from getting ejected from the car and seriously injured. The PVB layer which is added between the two layers of tempered glass to make the laminated windshield, increases the durability of the windshield and helps it to bend in order to prevent shattering.


These safety functions performed by your windshield have the potential to be life-saving. You should take care to get chips and cracks in the windshield repaired immediately to keep the safety level high.  As always, if you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We always enjoy talking with our customers.  If you are on the fence about which company to use to help you with a stone chip repair or a windshield replacement, please take a look at our Google reviews.  Our team is very proud of what our customers say about their experience with True Blue Auto Glass.

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