Why the Fall Season Increases Risk of Windshield Damage?

Why the Fall Season Increases Risk of Windshield Damage?

Autumn is a time of significant transition, and many of those fluctuations may have an effect on the state of your car. While you ought to find strategies to safeguard your windshield, there are particular dangers you should be aware of in the fall. You probably don’t want to risk having your windshield damaged.  

Fall is, without a doubt, the most hazardous season for your car’s windshield. Fall can truly wreak havoc on the windshield of your car, whether it’s a brand-new crack or chip or the development of an already existing one.

Temperature Fluctuations

The severe temperature fluctuations may negatively affect your windshield. Even though the fluctuations might not be enough to damage a windshield, existing damages will exacerbate. Even the tiniest crack or a chip may cause a windshield to shatter and cause you unnecessary hassle and expense. Therefore, it is important that you get your windshield examined by a professional before the fall season and get it replaced or repaired.

Tree Debris

Leaves fall off of trees as they change color in the fall, along with many other parts of the tree. Although there is often a risk of falling branches throughout the year, the issues can get worse in the fall. Pine cones and small nuts could also be a cause of concern during autumn. The pointed end of acorns may cause a minor crack or chip in the windshield due to friction.

Strange Weather

In addition to temperature changes, the fall can also bring forth a variety of unusual meteorological conditions. The likelihood of various types of precipitation increases as temperatures drop.

When moisture and freezing conditions happen simultaneously, the minor auto glass chips will develop into cracks. When this happens, you will need a completely new windshield, which is much more costly than if you had repaired the chip or crack earlier.

That is why it is recommended to get any windshield damages repaired before fall or just as the autumn season begins and save yourself from the hassle and hefty costs of a complete windshield replacement.  

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