Which Type Of Glass Is Used In A Car Windshield?

Which Type Of Glass Is Used In A Car Windshield?

Every car owner’s top priority is their own safety and that of their passengers. This is where the importance of a windshield comes in. It not only protects people from debris, dirt, and dust but also provides safety in case of a collision or accident.  

A windshield has to be shatterproof to prevent any sharp fragments of glass from harming the passengers and also provide a cushion in case of a head-on collision.

Although there are two widely accessible varieties of safety glass, all auto glass types fall under this category, tempered glass, and laminated glass.

Windshields, however, are always made with laminated glass, though this was not the case a few years ago. When windshields were first invented, they were made of standard glass, which would shatter into several harmful shards and end up harming the passengers. Due to this primary reason, car manufacturers invented the laminated glass, which consists of PVB.  

The polyvinyl butyral is a major bonus as it has the ability to stop the glass from breaking in the case of a collision. It also acts as a cushion in case the driver is forced head-on to the windscreen. It supports the vehicle’s integrity and airbag function.

Since laminated glass has so many benefits, you might wonder why it isn’t used for window auto glass as well. The reason for this is to enable the passengers to escape in case the vehicle drowns in a body of water. As laminated glass can’t be broken, the passengers won’t be able to escape; therefore, windows are usually made with tempered glass so they can be smashed into tiny, pointless pieces, allowing the passengers to exit the vehicle with little damage.

With the development of technology, manufacturers have created even better windshields that shelter occupants from damaging UV radiation. These are called Solar Glass and are available in both laminated and tempered varieties.

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