Which Glass Is Best for a Car?

Which Glass Is Best for a Car?

Auto glass is engineered in a way that not only provides protection for passengers and drivers but also protects the structural integrity of the car. Any standard glass is not suitable for windshields and windows, and we will talk about the different auto glass options and which one is the best for a car.

Types of Auto Glass

The most overlooked and the most crucial component of any vehicle is its windshield. You may think that it’s just a giant piece of strong glass; however, it is manufactured with a lot of technicalities and materials other than just glass.  

There are 2 varieties of auto glass:

Laminated Glass

Several layers of glass are bound together using PVB (a resin known as polyvinyl butyral) plus heat and pressure to form laminated glass. This process provides high-sound protection that prevents the glass from shattering as it can bend and stretch before breaking. Laminated glass is used for front and rear windshields as they serve as a bolster in head-on crashes and don’t shatter into pieces or harmful shards. If laminated glass is damaged by flying debris, only the outer layer is affected, making repair easy.  

Tempered Glass

The side windows of a vehicle are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is made by rapidly cooling curved glass after it has been exposed to high heat. It becomes 10 times stronger as a result of this technique than conventional glass. If the glass is struck by something, it breaks into tiny, blunt-edged pebble-like fragments rather than shards that could hurt the passengers. Contrary to laminated glass, tempered glass totally shatters upon impact, making repairs impossible.  

In Conclusion

Increasingly more people have started to use laminated glass for their car windows as well due to the protection it provides.

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