What You Need to Know About Heated Windshields

What You Need to Know About Heated Windshields

We recently discussed how condensation can lead to reduced visibility and how you can clean it properly. But what if there was a way to avoid condensation altogether? What if there was an easier way to remove snow off your windshield instead of having to scrape it off?

That’s precisely what heated windshields and wipers are for.

Difference Between Heated & Normal Windshield

If you have ever wondered if your windshield is heated or not, a close inspection of your windshield should help determine the answer. Start from the corner and work your way inwards. If you see tiny, translucent wires within, your windshield is heated. Or you can look at your car’s panel. You’ll have an indicator button that turns on when the windshield is heating itself.

A normal windshield doesn’t have these features.

How Heated Windshields Work

When the heated wipers or windshield is turned on, it warms up the windshield to melt ice and evaporate fog on top. The heating system gets activated on its own on the wipers whenever they are in use.

These windshields have a mesh of wires through which electrical current passes to heat the windshield and defrost it in the process. These wires are similar to the defrosting system found on rear windshields in many cars, except they aren’t very intrusive. To turn the windshield heating system on, you have to put a button; however, there are automatic versions out there as well.

Warm glass doesn’t crack easily during the winters, provides better visibility, and can clear your windshield in a matter of minutes. However, the glass is also more expensive, and replacement parts may be slightly difficult to find. Furthermore, the glass can be damaged with even the smallest cracks. Even the smallest chips can disconnect the wires within or cause disruptions, ultimately leading to the system not performing. Hence, you need experienced technicians to look at any crack or chip in your heated windshield and repair it quickly.

Please call us when there is a crack in your heater windshield to get it repaired and replaced cost-effectively and conveniently.