What Makes Cracks on a Windshield Spread?

What Makes Cracks on a Windshield Spread?

Sometimes you may be unable to repair a chip or a crack on a windshield right away due to lack of time. However, leaving a crack can cause extensive damage and may lead to expensive repairs or a complete replacement altogether.

Here are a few reasons that make cracks on a windshield spread.

A Bumpy Ride

Little things like driving over potholes, uneven roads, slamming the car doors forcefully, or hitting the brakes too hard can cause cracks on a windshield to spread.

The added strain caused by speed bumps, abrupt braking, etc., on your car might cause the windshield crack to develop further and worsen.

Extreme Temperature Changes

The strain on your cracked or chipped windshield may increase due to the temperature differences between the inside and outside of your automobile. Hours of direct sunshine could cause a windshield to become heated and start to grow. This may significantly deepen or spread the windshield fracture.

Changes in Pressure

Pressure changes can be brought on by powerful storms, gusty winds, or by placing heavy objects on your windshield. These could be sufficient to cause a stress crack to suddenly form on your windshield. However, a stress crack may not be apparent right away, and you’ll only discover it after some days.  

Poor Installation

Your windshield might have been replaced the wrong way, or the quality of the glass may not be of OEM standards, which could also lead to cracks and chips on your windshield.

Choose a Reliable Auto Glass Replacement Company

It is of utmost importance that you select a reputable and reliable auto glass company like True Blue Auto Glass, which uses only the best products and offers superior services, and employ experienced technicians, so you know your car is in safe hands and will be safer for you to drive.