What is Personal Injury from Windshield Damage? Can You Build a Case?

What is Personal Injury from Windshield Damage? Can You Build a Case?

America is witness to more than 6 million car accidents each year! Car accidents cause all sorts of distress, from injuries, financial loss, mental stress, and even death. And a lot of the serious injuries are caused by windshield damage, as the glass that shatters in car accidents is extremely dangerous, leading to deep cuts, blood loss, and even organ damage.

However, injury from windshield damage doesn’t have to be caused in a car crash; a simple rock or pebble could damage your windshield, leading to an injury. In any case, before you file a lawsuit for a personal injury, you should know that the State of Pennsylvania offers a two-year time limit to claim damages.

What is Personal Injury from Windshield Damage?

Let’s discuss some of the injuries caused by windshield damage.

  • In case a car crash leads to windshield damage, mild to serious injuries can occur. In some cases, accidents can cause the entire windshield to collapse on the passenger and driver.  
  • When a glass breaks, such as that of a windshield, it shatters into millions of pieces, both big and small. Apart from the individuals involved in the accidents, these pieces of glass can injure any people near the scene, including cyclists and pedestrians.  
  • The glass could enter the eyes and skin, causing serious damage.
  • Broken glass can cause severe cuts and abrasions.
  • If a broken glass cuts an artery, serious blood cause can lead to complications and, if not timely treated, could lead to death.
  • Windshield glass is not like any other normal glass, and any accident could cause serious and life-altering brain injuries.
  • More serious injuries can lead to shock and even death.

How to Build a Case?

Windshield damage can not only cause serious injuries but can put the victim through mental and financial stress. To receive financial reimbursement for damages the personal injury has caused you, you can seek the help of a car accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer, collect the needed evidence and seek financial compensation.  

Your financial compensation will include the cost of repairs or replacement of windshield and other damages to your auto, as well as medical expenses and collateral damage.

True Blue Auto Glass is excellent at windshield replacement and repairs, and with the healthy relationship we have with insurance companies in Pennsylvania, you’ll have no trouble filing a claim.