What Are Windshield Safety Standards?

What Are Windshield Safety Standards?

A windshield is a crucial component of any vehicle, and all auto glass manufacturers and repair and replacement companies have to stick to specific safety standards to ensure the safety and protection of the vehicle’s passengers.

All North American auto glass components have to stick to the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS), which is an organization devoted to safely replacing the auto glass on vehicles. It focuses on training and certifying the auto glass industry and technicians, along with educating and raising awareness about windshield safety standards among insurance companies and the general public.

Before the AGRSS, vehicle owners and drivers were not very safe as there was no specific standard or guidelines for manufacturing auto glass. Several incidents occurred that included injuries sustained due to poor quality of windshields. Therefore, experts from the auto industry, including windshield manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers, and auto glass dealers, joined forces and created auto glass safety standards known as Auto Glass Safety Council.

This organization later collaborated with the American National Standards Institute and formed the AGRSS. Since then, all auto glass dealers have followed these auto glass and windshield safety standards to keep the safety of passengers and drivers their top priority.

Consequences of Improper Windshield Replacement

The reason why strict safety standards need to be imposed on the proper installation of the windshield is that even a slight bit of negligence can cause serious harm that could even be fatal. The common negligence in windshield replacements includes:

  • Improper glass handling procedures.
  • Shortened drive-away times.
  • wrong adhesive applications  

If a windshield replacement is done incorrectly, the airbag may not function when deployed, or the windshield might fly out from the force of the hit in a front collision crash.  

Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a company that is certified by the AGRSS or FMVSS, like True Blue Auto Glass, whose number one priority is the safety of its clients. We never skimp on quality because our replacement glass always complies with OEM requirements, and the adhesives we use are recommended by the top manufacturers in the automotive sector. We replace when necessary and repair when possible. Our job is only complete when our customer is 100% satisfied.