Washing Your Car the Right Way – Taking Care of Your Windshield

Washing Your Car the Right Way – Taking Care of Your Windshield

Washing your car is a great practice for taking care of your car, but to make sure you get the desired results; you need to do it the right way. From making sure the right water temperature is used all the way to rinsing it properly, everything has a bearing on what the car looks like once you are done.

The biggest consideration to make is the water temperature. It is advisable to not use water that is too cold or too hot, especially on the windshield. This is because glass expands and contracts as it is exposed to temperature changes.

When exposed to cold water, the windshield will contract, and when exposed to hot water, it will expand.

By contracting, the windshield will put pressure on the crack, priming it to become larger once the temperature goes back to normal. On the other hand, if you pour boiling hot water on your windshield, the glass will try to expand.

Since it can’t do the same toward the sides, the only ‘pressure outlet’ remaining for your windshield will be the chips or small crack in your windshield, effectively increasing them in size.

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to use room temperature water.

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Here is a fairly common type of auto glass damage which always results in windshield replacement.  When this happens, a windshield repair is just about never an option.