Understanding Windshield Stress Cracks

Understanding Windshield Stress Cracks

You may have found your windshield cracked as you walked out the door towards the car or simply hear the windshield snap while driving – only to see a long crack along the length or height of the windshield. This sudden crack just popped up without an explanation, and the first instinct is to blame the windshield for being low-quality, right?

Well, that is not the case. These cracks are known as stress cracks and can occur because of external factors such as:

  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Varying temperatures between glass layers
  • Exposure to excessive vibrations in the vehicle
  • Misalignment of windshield
  • Improper installation
  • Improper scraping techniques that may lead to microscopic cracks. These will develop over time and snap due to stress.
  • Hitting potholes too hard.

Stress cracks can’t be predicted. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it. From parking in the shade to making sure your windshield is installed the right way, everything can contribute towards helping you avoid stress cracks. Generally, you can neither predict nor prevent a stress crack. You usually have no idea when one will occur. In this vein, your auto insurance can often step in to help you pay for the damage. It often will consider the crack an unpreventable accident, thus adding coverage.

Auto insurance can often step in to pay for the damage.

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