Types of Windshield Damage You Can File a Claim Against

Types of Windshield Damage You Can File a Claim Against

Windshield damages are some of the most common yet least talked about damages sustained by a car. The windshield is an important component of your car and protects you from multiple things like gravel, debris, or rocks.  

If you damage your windshield, the cost to replace or repair it might be covered by your auto insurance. But which types of damages do they cover? Let’s find out.

Types of Windshield Damage Covered by Insurance Claims

Windshield damage is covered by comprehensive or collision insurance, which are the optional types of a car insurance policy.  

Comprehensive coverage will cover damage caused by incidents usually termed as “acts of God.”

These incidents include:

  • A part of a tree fell over and cracked the windshield.
  • A pebble or rock smashes against the windshield.
  • Vandalism
  • An animal damaging your windshield.
  • A ball or bat shattering the windshield.

In situations where the windscreen is damaged by an accident caused by you, the repair or replacement would be covered under the collision insurance.  

I don’t have comprehensive coverage; what should I do?

Generally, you can’t file a claim against windshield damages if you don’t have comprehensive coverage. However, there are two exceptions:

  • You can file a claim against another driver’s property damage insurance if they collided and damaged your car.  
  • Or, when someone else breaks your car’s windshield, you can submit a claim against their renters or homeowners’ insurance.  

It is advisable that you acquire both comprehensive and collision coverage; even though it would increase your annual premiums, the cost you might have to pay for repairs would be more than the total insurance premiums you’d pay over five years.

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