True Blue FAQ

True Blue FAQ

Q: How do I know if my windshield needs to be repaired or replaced?

   A: Signs that your windshield may need repair or replacement include cracks, chips, or damage that obstructs the driver’s view, exceeds the size of a quarter, or is located in the driver’s line of sight. Additionally, if the damage compromises the integrity of the glass or if it spreads extensively, a replacement may be necessary. Give us a call and we will help you figure out which service you would need!

Q: Can a windshield chip be repaired?

   A: In many cases, windshield chips can be successfully repaired. The repair process involves injecting a special resin into the damaged area to restore its strength and prevent further spreading. It’s important to address chips promptly, as they can quickly turn into cracks that require a full windshield replacement.

Q: Is it necessary to replace the entire windshield if there is a small crack?

   A: It depends on the size, location, and severity of the crack. Small cracks can sometimes be repaired, but larger or spreading cracks typically require a windshield replacement. It’s recommended to consult with a professional auto glass technician to assess the damage and determine the appropriate course of action.

Q: How long does it take to replace a windshield?

   A: The time required to replace a windshield can vary depending on the specific vehicle and the complexity of the installation. In general, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. However, it’s important to allow additional time for the adhesive to cure properly before driving the vehicle. Your technician should give you all the necessary after care instructions.

Q: Can I drive my vehicle right after a windshield replacement?

A: After a windshield replacement, it’s important to allow sufficient time for the adhesive to cure. The curing time can vary depending on the type of adhesive used and the weather conditions. Your auto glass technician will provide you with specific instructions on when it is safe to drive your vehicle.

Q: Does my insurance cover auto glass repairs or replacements?

   A: Many comprehensive auto insurance policies cover windshield repairs or replacements, often with no deductible or minimal out-of-pocket cost. It’s advisable to review your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider to understand the coverage and any specific requirements.

Q: Will my auto insurance rates increase if I file a claim for auto glass repair or replacement?

A: In most cases, filing a claim for auto glass repair or replacement should not directly impact your insurance rates. Many insurance companies consider auto glass repair as a separate category and do not count it as a claim against your policy. However, it’s recommended to review your insurance policy or check with your insurance provider to confirm their specific guidelines.

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