Top 5 Tips for Windshield Maintenance

Top 5 Tips for Windshield Maintenance

For a windshield to be able to safeguard you and your family, it is important to keep it well maintained and undamaged. Here are some tips to help you maintain your windshield and increase its longevity:

1.     Check the Amount of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid is essential when it comes to cleaning your windshield. The fluid is usually sprayed with an electrical pump while the car is in motion and cleaned off by wipers. This removes any dust and debris on the windshield. You should check the level of wiper fluid regularly and refill when needed.

2.     Clean & Change Wipers

Wiper blades wear off with use, leading to dirt and sand collected on them. You need to clean those off frequently, otherwise every time you turn the system on, the debris will scratch your windshield. Clean regularly and replace wipers every few months so that they do not cause scratches on your windshield.

Clean the wipers with a rag soaked in washer liquid.

3.     Get Stone Chips Repaired Quickly

The small pits created by stones on the windshield can develop into bigger cracks if not repaired. Remember, it is cheaper to get a stone chip repaired than getting the whole windshield replaced. Stone chip windshield repairs can completely disappear if done by a professional.

4.     Do Not Slam the Car Doors

It’s fun to slam car doors, but we recommend you avoid doing so. This can lead to serious consequences – especially on your windshield. The vibration caused by slamming can dislodge the windshield and if there are stone chips on it, they can turn into cracks and turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

5.      Use the Right Cleaner

It is important to wipe your car’s windshield manually to clean the dirt left behind by wipers. For this, consider using cleaners which do not contain ammonia. Ammonia destroys the glass tint, leaving behind a discolored windshield. You should go for a window cleaner and cotton towel to clean the windshield without causing streaks or scratches.