Top 5 Reasons for Having a Stone Chip Repaired?

Are you asking yourself this question because your windshield has developed a stone chip recently? Then here are some reasons why it is imperative for you to go for stone chip repair immediately:

1. To Prevent Further Damage

A stone chip on the windshield is not just a dent in the overall appearance of your car. It is the starting point of a windshield crack. Stone chips can be repaired when they are fairly recent but cracks cannot be covered. The whole windshield needs to be replaced if there is a crack. If you get the stone chip repaired by a professional in a timely manner, your windshield looks absolutely new and its durability increases.

2. To Avoid High Replacement Costs

As mentioned earlier, if a stone chip develops into a crack, replacement of the windshield becomes inevitable. The cost of such replacement is around $1500. This is really expensive and it can burn a hole in your pocket. In order to avoid spending a large sum later, it is better to get the repair work done now for very little or no cost. Most insurance companies cover stone chip repair costs. You can check the claims procedure of your insurance company to get a waiver on repair expenses. If by chance the insurance company does not cover this cost, you just need to spend a small amount to get a stone chip repaired.

3. To Ensure Your Safety

A small stone chip in your line of vision can cause a lot of distraction while driving and distort your view. If the stone chip develops into a crack due to constant changes in outside temperature or because of the action of dirt and moisture on the pit of the stone chip, it can weaken your windshield. The windshield can break into pieces if your car goes through a collision or accident. You can get seriously injured because of the broken glass shards entering the car. It has been observed that ninety percent of stone chips develop into cracks with time. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you should get the stone chip repaired quickly.

4. To Save Time

Time is precious and it should definitely not be wasted on long repair jobs that keep you away from productive work. Fresh stone chips can be repaired within 15 to 30 minutes at a low cost whereas the repair time and cost increase as the damage becomes worse in the long term.

5. There’s a Great Chance it Won’t Cost You a Dime!

Nearly every insurance company will waive your deductible if you have us do a repair for you.  Call us at 610-935-5588 or follow this link to find out now.

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