Tips for Newly Replaced Rear Windshield

Tips for Newly Replaced Rear Windshield

Carefully go through these tips to avoid any accidents or mishaps if you have just had your rear windshield replaced.  

The adhesive is used to hold the windshield in place. It creates a strong waterproof seal around the windshield. This adhesive takes a couple of hours to set, dry, and form a strong bond. It is recommended to wait and not drive the car for a couple of hours after installation. A good technician will always remind you of this after completion.  

Make sure when you enter your car after replacing the windshield, you take care of the shard of glasses left over from the old windshield. When the adhesive is setting around the new glass, do not slam the doors but close them gently and avoid driving on bumpy and full of potholes. Do not remove the retention tapes holding the windshield moldings, and protect the adhesive from elements while drying.

When you wash your car, avoid high-pressure car washes and opt for a regular hand wash during the initial days after windshield replacement. Try not to stress extra on the adhesive as it is set around the new glass. At least leave the window rolled down an inch for a couple of days so that air pressure does not build in the car as the seal around the glass dries. It is best to keep the dashboard free of clutter by avoiding using sunshades on the inside of the windshield. Nothing should be allowed to adhere to or push up against the windshield.

Check your windshield for leaks. Go for a ride when it is raining or take your car for a car wash; keep an eye on the edges of the windshield and note if drops of water are entering the vehicle. If you notice drops of water entering, take your car back to the installer for rework. Also, check for the sound of wind coming from the windshield’s edges when driving at high speed, which can be a sign of improper installation.

If you choose an experienced windshield replacement company, you will not have any trouble after the job is done and even if there is an issue, a warranty will help in the complete replacement or repair of the windshield. True Blue Auto Glass is the most trustworthy windshield replacement company and always provides quality with the help of expert technicians and advanced equipment. Click here for a free quote.