Things You Should Know About Windshields

Things You Should Know About Windshields

Even though a windshield serves several important purposes for a vehicle, we hardly ever pay any attention to it, except when cleaning it or getting it repaired.  

However, windshields have a fascinating history and are useful for a lot more than just improving your field of vision when driving. So, here are some windshield-related facts you should be aware of.

Windshield Insurance Claims

Windshield damages account for the greatest number of insurance claims since they are under constant exposure to outside elements.  

Tempered Glass is Better

Since tempered glass shatters into several tiny pieces on impact, it is less likely to cause serious injuries to passengers. The rear and side windows of a car are made using tempered glass.

Tinted Windshields are Better

Not only will tinted windshields protect you from the harmful radiation from the sun, but it also acts as a shield when the windshield comes in contact with tiny debris.  

Advanced Windshield Repair Technology

Windshield repair has gotten better and easier as technology advances across all fields of endeavor. Advanced technology has made it possible to repair cracks that are a foot long and can be one quicker.

Windshields Were Not Compulsory

In earlier days, when cars were first seen on the roads, windshields were not compulsory. Since they were so expensive, they were considered a luxury, and the rest of the mediocre car owners would shield themselves using goggles and scarves.  

Windshield Wipers Were Invented by a Woman

I bet you didn’t know this very important detail for such an essential component of the car.  

A woman named Mary Anderson came up with the concept of a wiper system, and it is used to this day.  

Windshields Deploy the Airbag System

The airbag’s primary backup is the windshield. The windscreen deals with the impact, so airbags inside the car are deployed.

A damaged or incorrectly replaced windshield could fail the airbag system, which is why it is essential to select a reputable auto glass replacement company like True Blue Auto Glass, which makes its top priority to offer you the best service, top quality products, and a job completed by expert technicians.