The Promise of Gorilla Glass – Transforming Driving Experience

The Promise of Gorilla Glass – Transforming Driving Experience

Gorilla Glass was introduced back in 1952, but found deep roots in the world of technology late in 2008. Ever since then, it is now used in more than 7 billion devices, and has also found its way into cars. The glass is thin, clear and scratch-resistant; what more could you want, right?

Furthermore, it is easier to shape, thus opening up even more possibilities, moving from Gorilla Glass windshields to consoles and dashboards as well. This premium glass means a premium smartphone-like feel when used on consoles, and a much safer driving experience.

How Gorilla Glass Leads to a Better Driving Experience

You know how you can’t see at night when someone from the incoming lane decides to turn on their high beams? That temporary ‘blindness’ gets even worse if your glass has cracks; something that you won’t have to worry about anytime soon with the latest Gorilla Glass windshields.

The glass is much easier on the eyes as most Gorilla Glass windshields with True Blue Auto Glass, especially convertible windshields, are treated to reduce glare, grime and reflectivity as much as possible. This means less interference from outside and your consoles are also much more visible, even on sunny days.

When it comes to cleaning, Gorilla Glass doesn’t let much come in its drive to giving you a clear windshield. Neither water nor dirt remains for long on the windshield and if they do manage to stay, cleaning them up is as easy as wiping the windshield down.

True Blue Auto Glass has been installing Gorilla Glass windshields for quite a while now; from windshield replacement to crack repair, and is ready to help shape your driving experience as well. If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, call us and we’ll come to you!