The Dangers of Cold Water on Windshield

The Dangers of Cold Water on Windshield

A car windshield serves multiple purposes, from protecting the passengers from wind, debris, and other objects in the air to maintaining the structural integrity of the car. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of it, especially knowing how to keep it clean and how to wash it in this hot weather.

Cold Water on Warm Windshield

Always remember, before you start washing your car during summers, make sure to never pour cold water on a warm windshield. What happens when you do that is the glass contracts and expands really fast and ends up cracking. The sudden contraction and expansion of the glass make it more fragile, and a tiny stone or debris hitting the windshield can cause it to crack or even shatter under stress.  

Rapid temperature changes in glass are a major factor in windshield damages, and during the summer, auto glass companies get a higher number of customers for windshield replacement and repairs.  

As the temperature gets increasingly hot, sitting in a car sometimes becomes unbearable, and turning the air conditioning on full always seems very tempting. However, this is also not a good idea, as just like cold water poured on the outside is damaging to the windshield, cool air inside the car could cause a rapid change in the windshield’s temperature, causing it to become fragile and leading to a crack.

You should be especially careful when your windshield already has a mild chip on it, as cold water or cool air can cause it to shatter quickly. Moreover, it is recommended to have it repaired as soon as possible and avoid parking the vehicle under direct sunlight.  

A crack or chip on a windshield could be dangerous, especially in this hot weather. If your windshield is damaged, head on over to True Blue Auto Glass or call us to have your windshield restored to its prior condition.