The Challenges of Replacing Modern Windshield

The Challenges of Replacing Modern Windshield

Years ago, there was only one concern that windshield replacement services had to deal with; keeping the exterior elements, glass, and adhesive out and away from your interior. However, that is a simpler aspect of the repair job now.

Windshield repair is no longer simple like it used to be. The windshield’s connection with the car’s electrical systems needs to be re-established if it was severed when damaged or during replacement.

Challenges of Replacing Modern Windshields

One of the biggest challenges is the integration of cameras, and other sensors, in and around the windshield. These sensors require much more complex diagnostics and calibration.

A windshield repair job involves installing the windshield at the right angle relative to the car’s chassis, aligning and calibrating the sensors properly, using the right amount of adhesive. Every aspect related to the windshield needs to be carefully considered when reinstalling these modern windshields.

Even experts require a lot of practice to ensure no hitches happen in the windshield replacement or repair process.

Some modern cars also have a heads-up display (HUD) on the windscreen that shows the external weather, route, warning signs, and more. You have the option of using aftermarket products, but they are highly discouraged so as not to interfere with ADAS features.

The cost for these windshields is also fairly high, which is why it is best to involve insurance into the mix as soon as possible.

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