Technology Developments in Windshield Glass

Technology Developments in Windshield Glass

You would think that auto glass – especially windshields – haven’t changed much over the years, but that’s far from the truth. Proof of that is how we mentioned a few technological upgrades in windshields not too long ago, yet we have a few new ones to list out 4 months later.

Here are a few to help you understand where the industry is headed and what you can expect from an upgrade:

Windshield Technology in 2020

Display Projection

This windshield technology used to be found in military aircrafts only, but is now finding its way into cars as well. It only requires you to pair your smartphone with the screen and you can see the smartphone screen, maps or ADAS information.

The idea isn’t just to look cool but also to improve safety and accessibility.

Gorilla Glass

You must have heard of Corning’s Gorilla glass technology being used in your smartphones because of its scratch-resistant capabilities. When it comes to its car-adaptation, the glass claims to be breakable only form the inside, while being scratch resistant unlike any other windshield or window out there.

It’s lightweight as well, thus saving up on fuel.

Silver Embedded Glass

While on the topic of being unbreakable, and with safety becoming one of top priorities for every car manufacturer in 2020, Volkswagen’s silver embedded glass windshield technology takes safety to the next level.

Car windshields can get very hot in the sun, and are thus prone to breaking, not to mention heating up the inside of your car immensely. Silver in the windshield can help solve the problem as it can reflect almost 60% of the sun’s UV rays. The same goes for winter time, preventing inside heat to leak outside.

Snow is also easy to remove with this windshield upgrade because of the heat trapped inside.

As windshield technology improves, you might think that getting such auto glasses repaired or replaced might be expensive as well. However, that is not the case – and let us prove it to you. Get in touch with us and get a good quote on auto glass services today!