Summer Vacation – Check Your Windshield Before a Long Drive

Summer Vacation – Check Your Windshield Before a Long Drive

The summer season is at its peak and as the lockdowns start coming to a halt, it is natural to want to go on a vacation with the family and enjoy the outdoors. But these long drives can be fraught with dangers. Apart from making yourself safe from COVID-19 on the road, you also need to safeguard yourself from a broken windshield.

Windshields don’t break solely because of debris falling on them. The outside heat during a long drive may also end up cracking it, not only endangering you and others, but you may also be pulled over by the police and given a ticket. Therefore, you need to check your windshield for repairs before you start driving.

Checking Your Windshield Before a Long Drive

Even the smallest cracks on a windshield can get worse if you drive under the scorching sun with the AC on full blast. The temperature difference inside and outside your vehicle tends to expand and contract the windshield, which leads to those mysterious cracks that appear out of nowhere.

Before seating your whole family in the car, we recommend checking the windshield for any small cracks or deep scratches. Instead of being stuck on the road, it is a good idea to get your windshield repaired or replaced before hitting the road if need be.

If you would like to learn how to inspect your windshield, or have found a small crack, we would love to help you walk through the entire process. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you find those cracks, or bring a windshield replacement to your home and we’ll install it before you have to leave!

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