Signs of Poor-Quality Windshield Replacement

Signs of Poor-Quality Windshield Replacement

While getting your car’s windshield replaced might be an inconvenience, if your windshield glass is damaged or cracked, you shouldn’t put it off for your protection. It makes sense that you would want assurance that the work was done appropriately if your windshield replacement was recent. Unfortunately, improper technique or outright negligence while replacing a windshield can cause significant issues down the line. Watch out for a few warning signals that indicate a poor-quality windshield replacement.

You Saw Only One Technician Replacing the Glass

For a quality windshield replacement procedure, at least two skilled professionals are usually needed to handle the windshield and make sure it is positioned correctly before being secured.

No gloves were worn by the technicians.

Windshield installers must wear gloves in order to prevent oils from their hands from accumulating on the auto glass.

You Are Unsure if the Replacement Glass is Original

Using original glass supplied by the vehicle’s maker when replacing your windshield is essential for a secure fit and long-lasting restoration. If the company you are getting the replacement from fails to provide proof of the original glass, there is a chance they might have used an after-market auto glass or, even worse, obtained it from the junkyard.

Your Windshield Leaks  

After a windshield replacement and the 48 hours of the waiting period, inspect your windshield for any leaks. Take your vehicle to a nearby car wash or for a drive in the rain. If even a single drop of water enters your car, it implies that the glass wasn’t put properly and needs fixing.

The Glass is not Smooth.

Auto glass has to be uniform, smooth, and consistent when it reflects light. If it appears to be wavy, it’s a sure sign the glass is of poor quality and certainly not original.

What To Do in Case of Poor-Quality Windshield Replacement?

If you notice any of these warning signs in your replaced windshield, visit a reputed auto glass replacement and repair shop like True Blue Auto Glass for a complete assessment and solutions for your windshield.  

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