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With an expert team of certified technicians and using only the highest quality materials, we repair and replace all auto glass windshields, windows, mirrors and more on every kind of vehicle on the road in Delaware Valley. In addition to helping drivers across the Delaware Valley, we also provide fleet service for larger groups.


Our fully trained, certified team of technicians provides more than just timely installation and careful cleanup. We also offer comprehensive safety information and a hassle-free written guarantee. Same-day service is often available, and we always come to you. Whether you simply have a stone chip to repair, or a broken windshield or mirror, True Blue Auto Glass is your perfect choice.

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Why Choose True Blue Auto Glass

for your repair or replacement? Your satisfaction and safety and are our priority. We always make sure that your replacement windshield and mirror products meet the stringent federal safety guidelines. The adhesive used on the jobs is endorsed by companies such as BMW, Audi and Volvo. We do replace as necessary, but also repair whenever it is possible to do so. And we consider our work finished only when you are fully satisfied with the service.

Our team has extensive experience with handling losses, and that’s why we offer several payment options for losses that are not covered by your insurance. As and added plus, we always explain the insurance claim process carefully, and work in the best interest of everyone involved.

Interesting Facts About
True Blue Auto Glass

• We replace and repair all kinds of auto glass: windshields, windows, mirrors and more.
• We provide clean installations wherever you are: at home, on the road, at work, anywhere.
• We only use fully trained, certified technicians.
• We only use products that meet or exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards.
• We always provide a written warranty for all completed work.
• We can often provide same-day service.
• We explain the claims process to clients.
• We always educate clients about safety precautionary standards, including Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT).
• We are fully insured.
• We also provide fleet account service.

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Call Us Now at 610-935-5588