Scary Windshield Damage in Delaware County

Scary Windshield Damage in Delaware County

Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. We recently got a call from a very nice lady who works for a local State Farm agency in Holmes, Delaware County (Steve DiBlasi State Farm).  She was driving on Route 95 and while passing through an overpass, something hit her windshield.

When she told us on the phone, she seemed a bit distressed, so of course, we rushed over to help her out. We NEVER take customer emergencies lightly. When we got there, though, we understood why she was so surprised. We can’t be certain, but it seemed like something was thrown from the overpass and hit her windshield directly.

She saw the object coming but couldn’t avoid it. Fortunately though, she was able to maintain control and pull over to the side of the road. The debris tried to penetrate the windshield, but thankfully, it couldn’t. Here are some photos of the vehicle we took when we got there, with the owner’s permission, of course.

We helped her get home and took the vehicle as well. Thanks to our direct billing, we were able to get a windshield replacement  claim set up with State Farm while our professionals replaced her windshield at her home. Here is what the car looked like after we were done.

If you ever need a windshield repair or replacement service in Pennsylvania – even if you’re stuck in the middle of the road, let us know. If you’re considering filing an insurance claim, we recommend you call us first.

We can help you evaluate the pros and cons of filing an auto glass claim, and since we are approved with all insurance companies in PA, NJ and DE, we will deal with the meat and potatoes of the situation in your stead.

We would like to thank the respective customer for allowing us to help her!