Safeguarding Your Car From “Smash & Grabs”

Safeguarding Your Car From “Smash & Grabs”

As we continue with our daily lives, a rather sad truth lingers in the back of our mind; the fear of ‘smash and grab’ thefts – especially if you have a good car or have left something valuable in clear sight by mistake. There are two ways to safeguard your car from these crimes:

  • If your car didn’t come with a factory alarm system, consider an aftermarket car alarm
  • A robust windshield that doesn’t break as easy (this isn’t a great option!)

There is also a third, much better option.

Protecting Your Car From Smash & Grabs

Smash and Grabs are crimes where people smash your window and steal the valuables inside. This type of crime usually occurs when you’re not in the car. The most common place our customrs get broken into is the gym.  Many times, when people go for a workout, they leave things behind in their car.  The Pennsylvania State police recommends that you avoid leaving anything of value inside your vehicle. This includes:

  • Purses,
  • Backpacks,
  • Briefcases,
  • Laptops,

Mobile phones, and more. We can help you repair your windshield and windows at the comfort of your home, all at very affordable rates so that you don’t have to worry about becoming a victim of smash and grabs. If you see any cracks or deep scratches, we recommend you get in touch with us and let us help!