Removing Stickers from Windshields Without Damaging It

Removing Stickers from Windshields Without Damaging It

We can all identify with the inconvenience of having to change a mandated sticker on your car’s windshield year after year. There’s always a chance of damaging the windshield while trying to remove those stickers, but now you won’t have any problems because we are sharing a few tips to remove these stickers without causing windshield damage.  

Rubbing Alcohol

When it comes to getting rid of those difficult-to-remove stickers, rubbing alcohol works like magic. Soak the sticker completely in rubbing alcohol and dab it with a paper towel until you feel it softening underneath. Once it has softened, you can use either a playing card or a plastic scraper to carefully remove the sticker. If you feel some sticky traces still left behind, continue adding some more rubbing alcohol and wipe clean till your windshield becomes as good as new.  

Soapy Water

Completely peel off the sticker from the windshield while trying to remove all of it before applying anything. Once done, you will find some sticky traces left behind, which is when your soapy water will come in handy. A bucket should be filled with warm water and some dish soap added to it. Mix everything thoroughly, then dunk a towel in the bucket. Start soaking the adhesive with a damp towel so that it can absorb the liquid. This should be done repeatedly until the glue is well-saturated. After that, scrape away any remaining glue using a plastic scraper, a towel, or your fingertips.

Window Cleaner

A window cleaner can come in handy for those stubborn stickers. All you have to do is spray an adequate amount of window cleaner onto the sticker and let it sit for several minutes. Once the sticker is soft, wipe it away or use a scraper to get rid of it.  

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