Reducing Glare During The Day – Windshield Care

Reducing Glare During The Day – Windshield Care

We recently discussed how you could reduce glare during the night, and while some recommendations are the same for daytime as well (such as flipping the rearview mirror and cleaning the glass), there are some steps specific to the daytime.

This is because you have to face glare from the sun, especially when you are headed right towards the setting sun. Windshields are designed to give you the clearest possible vision, unless it’s scratched, in which case you may need to get your windshield repaired or replaced

Here are some daytime tips to reduce glare and improve your driving experience.

Consider a Sunshade

Most cars nowadays have sunshades – a tinted strip running along the top of your windshield – that help reduce sun glare significantly. The tint doesn’t obstruct your view but instead gets the job done relatively quickly.

Fix Windshield Damage

Any scratches, chips, or cracks on your windshield will seem to multiply when under the glare and can be pretty distracting for the driver. The diffracted light intensifies the glare, reducing visibility significantly as well. Limited visibility and distracted driving make up for a hazardous driving scenario, so it’s best to get them sorted immediately.

Whenever you are headed on a long journey, you should get your windshield checked and keep windshield repair, brakes, suspension, and vehicle fluids your top priority.

Adjust Car Mirrors

Glare doesn’t necessarily come from the front of your car but can also come from rearview mirrors. Don’t shy away from adjusting auto glass so that it doesn’t reduce visibility, nor does it reflect the sun right into your eyes.

You should avoid looking directly at the sun, bodies of water reflecting the sun, or windshields or other cars as they reflect the sun as well.

If you think your windshield has any damage or want to be sure, we suggest you visit our shop or give us a call, and we’ll come to you!