How Is Our Pricing Policy Different From The Competition?

At True Blue Auto Glass, we believe in providing the best service at the best price. That is why our customers prefer us over others.  Check our our Google reviews if you haven’t already.

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Pricing policy of many of companies in the auto glass industry

Hidden charges

The price quoted by the service providers does not include various components like mobile, disposal and molding charges. The customers are in for a rude shock when they get the final bill which contains these additional charges which they were not notified of earlier.

Exclusion of taxes

This is another way of making the price seem very attractive. The customers do not realize that the prices are not inclusive of taxes. The final price which is revealed to them after the service is an inflated one because of this reason.

Due to such a pricing policy, these service providers are able to quote seemingly low prices initially to grab customers but in reality, the final price paid by the customer is much higher than expected.

Our pricing policy

No hidden charges

The price quoted by us is comprehensive and includes all costs. There are no hidden charges which the customer will discover in the invoice after the service has been provided. The price that is quoted by us initially is the final one.

All-inclusive prices

The price is inclusive of all taxes. There are no extra charges which are mentioned in the invoice which can add to the price quoted.

Insurance coverage

In many cases, our customers do not need to pay anything for a repair work if they have a comprehensive car insurance plan. We are well-connected with most of the insurance companies and we provide the best advice regarding the claims process to make it easy for the customers to get waivers. If a customer does not have an insurance plan which covers such costs, we offer the best price possible.

Even if the prices quoted by us are not as low as those quoted by some of the other service providers, they are the best prices that a customer can get in the long run because there are no additional costs. The consistent high quality of our service ensures value for money. The customers always get the best deal when they choose our service.

Our pricing policy is one of the strongest points of our service and the reason why customers keep coming back to us when they require our services.

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