Planning For a Road Trip – Inspecting Your Windshield Thoroughly

Planning For a Road Trip – Inspecting Your Windshield Thoroughly

As the holiday season draws near, it is natural for you to start planning for a winter road trip to your relatives, or to just go on long routes with your significant other. However, just like we discussed some safety considerations for the summer, we’re going to discuss how the winter season can lead to problems of its own as well, leading to a need for windshield repair or replacement.

Cracks in Windshield During the Winter

There is a common misconception that the cold weather outside causes your windshield to crack, but that’s not the case. In reality, the cold weather only acts as a catalyst that makes existing cracks or chips worse. Before heading out, inspect your windshield thoroughly for any cracks.

Pack Necessary Stuff to Defrost Your Windshield Safely

Many windshields have to go through the grueling process of defrosting. Even the smallest mistake on your part can lead to cracked or chipped windshields and may thus require a windshield replacement. Avoid using hot water to defrost your windshield or chopping/stabbing with an ice scrapper. We’ll discuss the right way to defrost your windshield safely in the next article. We will share a technique that only  requires a bed sheet or blanket to protect your windshield!

Avoid Potholes

While you go to get your windshield inspected or get a windshield repaired or replaced, avoid potholes as much as possible on the way. During the winter, the impact of potholes is much more severe than in the summer because of the cold shock absorbers.

When you hit a pothole, the force impacts your windshield directly since it is an integral part of your vehicle’s integrity.

However, you don’t have to drive to a windshield repairer or replacer near you, you can just call us at True Blue Auto Glass. We’ll come right over with our mobile repair shop and do the deed at your terms!