OEM VS Aftermarket Auto Glass: Explained

OEM VS Aftermarket Auto Glass: Explained

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto glass is produced by the same manufacturer that supplied the original glass for your vehicle during its assembly. It is designed to match the specifications and quality standards set by the vehicle manufacturer. OEM glass offers quality assurance, precise fit, and compatibility with advanced features. While it may be more expensive, choosing OEM glass ensures reliability and maintains the original design of your vehicle. Some manufactures require OEM glass, consult with us or your vehicle manufacturer for the best option that fits your needs. 

Aftermarket auto glass is produced by manufacturers other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It offers wider availability, affordability, and customization options. While quality can vary, reputable aftermarket glass suppliers meet industry standards. Aftermarket glass is often chosen for cost savings and personal preference. Talk with us about our aftermarket options!

Most of the time there is no “right” answer; it is all about your preference on whether you would rather your glass to match exactly or do not mind a slight change. You can not even tell the difference on some Aftermarket windshields! Call us today to talk about which option best suits your needs.

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