New Windshield Technologies to Get Excited About

New Windshield Technologies to Get Excited About

Technology is continuously pushing every industry forward, and the automotive industry is no exception. Innovation has always been at the forefront of car manufacturing. Now, we see some advanced features in luxury cars from a variety of manufacturers. We are also anticipating some new developments in car glass and windshields. Some of the new windshield technologies we are excited about include:

· Panoramic Windshields

Tesla has been making headlines for the last few years for innovation in the automotive industry. Recently, Elon Musk revealed the amazing Cyber Truck, which received mix reviews from the public. Before that, Tesla Model X captured the attention of the public, and one of its most notable features was the panoramic windshield. It has 31 sq. ft. of surface area, which makes it the largest all-glass windshield.

· Smart Car Glass

Small glass can limit the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle only with the touch of a button. Special solar films are inserted between the layers of this windshield to make it electronically controlled. The tint in side windows and windshields can be adjusted incrementally by the driver according to their needs.

· Heated Front Windshields

Some car brands like Mercedes-Benz have released a few cars that feature heated front windshields. These windshields are ideal for winter months as they can defrost and defog faster than standard windshields. Since a clear field of vision is extremely important for windshields, automotive engineers have made the heating component disappear. This makes the heated front windshield an excellent option for vehicles.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the new, exciting windshield technologies. At True Blue Auto Glass, we fix all types of windshields. So, if you have a luxury car with any of these advanced windshields and want to have it repaired or replaced, call us at 610-935-5588.