Need An Auto Glass Repair/Replacement? Not sure where to begin?

Need An Auto Glass Repair/Replacement? Not sure where to begin?

There’s nothing to worry about – you’re not alone! There are a number of questions that our customers frequently ask about our services:

Are windshield repairs covered by my insurance – I’ve heard they might waive my deductible?

Most insurance companies waive your deductible for repairs. Your deductible would be applied to a replacement.

Will filing a claim affect my insurance rates?

Almost all windshield claims are filed under your comprehensive policy, so they shouldn’t affect your rates. However, we do recommend you contact your agent if you have questions about it. 

How much will it cost to replace my windshield?

Pricing completely depends on the year, make, and model. On newer vehicles certain add-on features may affect the price. The most effective way to find out is to call for an estimate and be prepared to provide the shop with your VIN number.

What does an appointment entail?

The best way to begin is to provide your VIN to the shop. We will contact you with a quote and to discuss scheduling. All of our quotes include mobile service. We will come to whichever location works best for you once we schedule you. 

Can you drive after a windshield replacement?

For safety reasons it is imperative that the vehicle is not driven for the first hour after installation has been completed. Read more about our aftercare tips here:

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