Looking For Quality Glass – Things to Consider For Windshield Replacement

Looking For Quality Glass – Things to Consider For Windshield Replacement

We have received numerous emails from customers asking how they can identify high quality auto glass when getting their windshield replaced. Since so many of you asked, we figured it’s time to list the things to consider when looking for the right glass for your windshield replacement.

Consider the Type of Windshield

The first thing to consider is what the windshield is made of. Laminated glass is a much safer option since it ensures that in case anything happens, shards don’t come flying onto the driver’s face. These windshields have a clear vinyl sheet between two layers of glass. This layer is sticky and therefore prevents broken shards from crumbling like other auto glass does.

This was done for safety, but ended up prolonging the life of windshields as well. In case there are any minor cracks or chips, only the outer layer is effected, thus making windshield repair relatively cost-effective.

There is another option; the “tempered glass.” This glass is used on the windows and back. It is first shaped and then heated to retain its shape. This glass is used to ensure driver/passenger safety as well, allowing occupants to vacate the car quickly in case it the glass shatters.

OEM Windshields

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When getting your windshield replaced, make sure you ask the replacing company/technician to only use OEM windshields. These windshields are made from original equipment-style tools and the glass is exceptionally high quality.

Once replaced, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the previous and new glass – except that this one would be newer.

True Blue Auto Glass makes a point of using only OEM windshields with years of experience changing windshields in our workshop and at customers’ homes. If you need high quality glass for your windshield replacement needs, just give us a call. We’ll handle the rest!

The more you know, the better prepared you are to ensure you and your family are safe in your vehicle.