Keeping Your Windshield Clean In The Spring

Keeping Your Windshield Clean In The Spring

Springtime is when mother nature shows off her beauty. Lush green trees, blue skies with white, majestic clouds, and the birds and critters roaming about, happy and content. While beautiful, the creepy crawlies and the birds can mean a lot of droppings on your windshield, especially if you park under a tree or ledge.

Cleaning the windshield may seem like an easy task, but there is a lot more to it. Doing it improperly may lead to scratches or cracks and therefore require windshield replacement and windshield repair. Let’s examine the steps in cleaning your windshield in the Spring season.

How to Keep Your Windshield Clean In the Spring

Before you get into the cleaning techniques, keep in mind that it would be helpful to keep a lint-free cloth and a spray bottle in your car for cleaning the windshield during the Spring season.

Bug trails will most likely dry up by the time you see them. You will need to spray some water on it and leave it there for about 20-30 seconds. Clean the surface once with a light swipe and spray again. Try to sweep the whole trail in one go with a horizontal motion. Keep repeating until the trail has vanished completely. You don’t need any fancy products for this; just plain water would do.

For bird droppings, you will again need to spray some water. Unlike trails, bird droppings may be concentrated on one point, so you may need to keep a cloth underneath the point where you spray to make sure the water doesn’t start rolling downwards.

As the dropping gets softer, you will find that the water will change colors (it will turn slightly milky). This is your cue to clean it up and spray again. This time, instead of waiting, you can start scrubbing SOFTLY. Repeat the process until completely clean.

If you find that your windshield is damaged or has scratches during cleaning, you should consider getting them fixed immediately. True Blue Auto Glass can help you with your windshield replacement and repair quickly and give you further tips on cleaning your auto glass. Call us today to learn more!