Is There a Difference in Quality of Auto Glass?

Is There a Difference in Quality of Auto Glass?

When your car windshield suffers extensive damage, it requires a replacement, but many car owners choose auto glass that may not be of good quality just to save a few bucks. Even though a low-quality glass will save you some money, it may not be a wise decision because of several reasons.  

A windshield is a very important element of a vehicle and isn’t just a requirement for the view but also for the integrity of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to understand your alternatives when looking for a windshield replacement. Following are the few options you can choose from and how they differ from each other.

OEM Windshields

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, refers to parts that are exact reproductions of the ones installed when your car was built. Since OEM windshields are produced by the same manufacturer, it guarantees a proper fit and flawless operation of various windshield-related features. However, they cost almost double that of aftermarket windshields. Because they are so expensive, insurance companies usually don’t cover OEM windshields unless the car is no less than 2 years old.  

OEE Windshields

Original Equipment Equivalent windshields are produced by the same firms that make the OEM windshields; however, the glass does not contain the car manufacturer’s logo. Instead, the logo of the auto glass manufacturer is on it. They are fairly less expensive than OEM windshields even though they are manufactured at the same facility and to the same standard.  

Aftermarket Windshields

Aftermarket windshields are auto glass producers who have no contract or partnership with car manufacturers. They make duplicates of the OEMs and OEEs; however, they are prohibited from making exact copies due to copyright laws. Aftermarket windshields have the exact same design and fit but differ in UV protection, tint, durability, and thickness. They are the most reasonable option in the market but may not support some functions that were there on an original windshield.  

In Conclusion

When looking for a windshield replacement, make sure you find a reliable auto glass company like True Blue Auto Glass which will give you the most reliable options according to your budget and personal preference.