Is It Okay to Use DIY Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Is It Okay to Use DIY Windshield Wiper Fluid?

We discussed previously how to choose the best windshield wiper fluid for winters and mentioned that the most important aspect is to make sure that the freezing point of your fluid is below a certain threshold. Today, we’ll discuss some of the popular DIY windshield wipers out there and whether using them is good for your windshield.

Remember, every cleaner here can help you clean your windshield, but our main goal here is to ensure maximum life of your windshield. We’ll be analyzing these fluids with that in mind. So, let’s dive in!

Diluting Window Cleaner

A very common window cleaner out there is a blend of commercial glass cleaner and adding water to it. The idea is to dilute it enough so that it retains its properties as a window cleaner while increasing in quantity.

We do not recommend using this cleaner since it can leave streaks on your windshield, which, if not cleaner properly, can lead to permanent marks on your windshield. Furthermore, it does little to protect your windshield against the winter cold.

Combining Dish Soap and Ammonia

Next up is the combination of dish soap and ammonia. You basically add a gallon of distilled water, a tablespoon of dish soap and ½ cup ammonia in a bottle, mix it well, and you have yourself a windshield cleaner.

The ammonia serves to lower the freezing temperature of the concoction, but only slightly. Furthermore, the acidic nature of this mixture has a way of eating into the outer-most membrane of your windshield, thus making it easier for dust and debris to scratch the surface.

Adding Alcohol to Prevent Freezing

Alcohol is meant to reduce the freezing point of liquids considerably. By adding a single cup of isopropyl into your mixtures, you can reduce their freezing point sufficiently to make them winter-worthy.

However, the fact that they can damage your windshield means that if you ask us, we won’t recommend these DIY wiper fluids to you. If you want your windshield repaired or replaced, we recommend getting in touch with us. We’ll find you a quick solution – even if it means simply recommending a good cleaner!