Identifying Different Types & Uses of Vehicle Glass

Identifying Different Types & Uses of Vehicle Glass

There are a variety of different glass types out there – with every new car bringing in new technology to not just ensure occupant safety, but also convenience and functionality. As a car owner, you should know the differences between the distinctive types of glass used in your car and their uses.

After all, there’s a reason they’re all different, right? Naturally, repair and replacement of windshield and other glass types are also different.

Front Windshield

The largest glass that you’ll see on most cars is the windshield. This glass is what protects you from the oncoming wind and debris as you drive, and is also known as a windscreen in European countries. Apart from protecting you, this glass also plays a major role in ensuring that the car’s body structure remains intact and retains its shape.

Repairing or replacing cracked or damaged windshields should be your first priority.

Front Vent & Side Door Windows

As you move towards the rear of your vehicle, the next pieces of glass that you’ll encounter are perhaps the most abused pieces of glass on your car. These are the side vent windows that you roll up and down anytime you need to interact with the outer world when in the car.

In older vehicles, these pieces of glass would usually get scratched very easily, but today, they are made of gorilla glass and therefore aren’t as easy to scratch.


A luxury more than a necessity, moon-roofs and sunroofs are a prime source to let the car ventilate and let natural light in the car. The sliding glass often gets scratches on it, but these glasses often don’t break as easily, unless you’re actually trying to break them.

Rear Windshield

At the back of your car is yet another large piece of glass; the rear windshield. It may have an embedded antenna, defrosting wires, a wiper unit or all these together. This glass is usually laminated just like the front windshield.

Any of these glasses can break and impact the integrity and safety of your car. If you see the slightest crack or a deep scratch on any of these, we recommend you call us immediately. We’ll help you determine whether you need to get your windshield repaired or replaced, or whether you have some miles left before the service.