How True Blue Auto Glass Repairs Stone Chips

How True Blue Auto Glass Repairs Stone Chips

At True Blue Auto Glass, we are well known for offering the best auto glass replacement, windshield repair services, top of the line equipment and high-end products at cost-effective rates, meeting all the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Here’s how we repair stone chips on your windshield.

Step 1

We send a trained technician to a location convenient for you to inspect the size and number of stone chips on your windshield. If stone chip(s) have penetrated the first layer of laminate and created an air pocket, the damage is considered serious and requires immediate repair.

Step 2

Next, we need to remove the air from the pocket/hole(s) and fill it with resin. Air pockets can be located between two layers of glass.

We begin by clearing debris with a probe and using a specialized drill machine to reach the air pocket.

Step 3

We use a tool called the bridge to hold the resin injector, which helps create a vacuum for the resin to replace the air. The difference between a home repair and professional repairing is the tools used. The tools that our technicians use ensure absolute elimination of air to increase the longevity of repair.

The resin used depends on the climate. The whole process takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

Step 4

After creating a vacuum and injecting resin, we follow up with a thicker resin on the pit to close the chip. When it hardens, it looks just like glass. To avoid divots, a clear plastic tab is placed over the hole filled with resin. Then a UV lamp is placed on the tab for 30 seconds to harden the resin. The tab is removed and the excess resin is scraped off with a razor blade.

Step 5

Finally, a bit of pit polish is applied on the resin to make it look like glass. Once invisible, excess polish is wiped off.

And viola; your stone chip is repaired!

Depending on the service you choose, your windshield repair work time may vary. True Blue Auto Glass is proud to say that with us, you’ll be done in no time! Also, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, there’s a great chance you’ll have no out-of-pocket expense. So, the next time you have a stone chip on your windshield, just give us a call at 610-935-5588.

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