How to Repair a Cracked Windshield

How to Repair a Cracked Windshield

So you went out on a drive on a gorgeous day when the sun was shining up high, minding your business, when, suddenly, you hear a sound – whack! There’s a spider web all across your line of sight, and now, you’re wondering whether you should have stayed in. Don’t worry, though; we’re going to bring you out of your misery and teach you how to repair a cracked windshield.

1.   Buy a Bridge-Style Windshield Repair Kit

You can get order one from the internet or at any auto parts store. Do make sure you buy one with a ‘bridge applicator.’

2.   Make a Small Hole in the Windshield

This step is only necessary for long cracks and not semicircular holes or ‘star breaks’ or even if any of the glass is missing. Make sure you don’t drill more than a quarter of the way through the glass.

3.   Load Resin into the Bridge Applicator and Apply

Most repair kits come with two types of resin, and these are meant to fill in chips and cracks. In most cases, you will only need just a few drops. Now move your applicator along the first 2-3 inches of the crack.

4.   Cover the Resin with Curing Tape and Let it Dry

These are also known as curing strips, and they prevent the resin from oozing out of the cracks. After covering the resin, let it cure under natural sunlight.

5.   Scrape Off the Excess Resin

Now remove the curing strip and scrape off any excess resin from your windshield. Have the cracks vanished? If not…

Get Professional Help

DIY repairs don’t always work, and you can never go wrong with some professional help. Dial 610-935-5588 or book an appointment with True Blue Auto Glass to get the job done right.