How to Remove Snow From Your Windshield Properly

How to Remove Snow From Your Windshield Properly

We recently discussed how you can remove fall leaves from your windshield without damaging it. However, what’s more damaging to auto glass than leaves is extreme temperature; both during the summer and winter.

One of the leading causes of windshield cracks leading to bigger problems – and effectively requiring windshield replacement instead of windshield repair – is snow.

Cleaning Snow From Windshield Properly

NEVER scrape your windshield with all your might. If you must, do it as gently as possible. We also recommend you avoid pouring boiling water on top of the snow, since it can lead to shattering your glass, let alone exacerbating cracks.

Before you start cleaning, it is important you figure out whether there’s ice or snow on top of your car. If it’s snow, use a snow brush. If it’s ice, use the ridged side of your ice scrapper GENTLY to slash the ice vertically and then break the ice into chunks. Let gravity to the rest.

Avoiding Snow on Windshield

This method is a bit unconventional but one that definitely works. Take a blanket, as we mentioned in our previous article, and wrap your windshield with it. Make sure it’s tight by slipping the ends in the car’s door.

If possible, put a piece of expanded polystyrene (EPS) on both ends of the windshield to make sure the blanket is slightly lifted. When you are ready for a drive, you may find that the blanket is frozen, but the windshield will be clear, except some slight condensation that you can easily clean up.

A little bit of care can go a long way when it comes to windshield cleaning – especially when it’s snowing. However, if you make a few mistakes, there is no reason to worry! True Blue Auto Glass has got your back and offers cost-effective windshield repair and replacement at the comfort of your home!