How to Remove Fall Leaves From Your Windshield & Avoid Scratches

How to Remove Fall Leaves From Your Windshield & Avoid Scratches

From your car’s paint all the way to its windshield, falling leaves and debris during the fall season can deteriorate your car’s value significantly if you don’t clean your windshield the right way. Not only that, falling leaves, pollen, sap and more can seep into different corners of your car and rot, leading to rust and unpleasant smells.

Here, we’ll look at how you can take care of your old or newly replaced windshield during the fall season and prolong your windshield’s life.

Cleaning Windshield During Fall to Avoid Scratches

Step 1: Inspect Your Windshield

Before you do anything to your windshield, inspect the glass thoroughly and try to determine whether the debris on your glass is just leaves, whether it’s wet or dry, and most importantly, how much dust is on the windshield. If you just dive in, you might end up with more scratches than you would normally and might actually need a windshield repair later on!

Step 2: Remove Leaves By Hand Carefully

If the windshield is dry, the wind will carry most leaves and dust away. When picking up debris, be very careful on a dry windshield as not to accidentally rub sharp edges against the glass. Start removing leaves from the top and work your way down.

If it’s wet, you can pick up several leaves at a time without being as careful. Just remember not to drag debris to the corner. PICK IT UP.

Step 3: Dry Your Windshield

Once everything is removed, dry your windshield with a soft cloth. Remember, there is still dust on there which can scratch glass easily – more so than leaves. Avoid wiping. If you have the time, let the sun do its trick and then blow away the dust.

If you have accidentally damaged your windshield when cleaning it or already have a crack in it, let True Blue Auto Glass come to you and help. We can help you repair or replace windshields in the comfort of your home!