How to Properly Clean Your Windshield

How to Properly Clean Your Windshield

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your windshield takes more than just wiping it with a wet rag again and again until you end up with no streaks. If done improperly, instead of removing scratches and debris from your windshield, you might just end up adding a few when trying to clean it.

In order to help you get a clearer picture of how to clean your windshield, we asked one of our most senior employees for their two cents. This is what they had to say:

Cleaning Your Windshield Properly – Advice From a Professional

Whether you need to remove dust, rain spots, or bird poop on windshield, you will need:

  1. 2 lint-free pieces of cloth or towels
  2. An alcohol-based glass cleaner (do not use ammonia based cleaner, as it might lead to discoloration)

Lift both wipers and spray the cleaner on the top half of your windscreen. Using straight, top-down motions, wipe the whole windscreen. If you miss any spots during your streaks, leave them. Cover them on the second pass.

Next, spray a little more on any stubborn debris. Dried bird poop on windshield might require several passes. Just remember not to apply too much pressure or wipe it off furiously, as you’ll end up scratching the glass. Once clean, wipe horizontally with the same cloth.

Take your dry cloth and buff your windscreen with soft, small circular motions. Next up, clean your wipers with the first cloth wiping up and down.

And you’re done! That’s all you need to clean your windshield the professional way.

However, you’ll see that this method doesn’t show how to remove scratches from your windshield. There are several myths around this, which we busted a while ago. If you’re looking to get those scratches removed, we recommend you visit or call us for a free quote – we’ll also come to your place and fix it right up for you!