How to Clean Insects Off Your Windshield on Long Routes

How to Clean Insects Off Your Windshield on Long Routes

There is nothing more troubling than insects and insect guts splattered all across your windshield, especially when you are on long routes or headed on a road trip.  

And it only gets worse when you try to clean it up by turning on the wipers of your vehicle. All the icky, gooey bug insides are now smeared all over the windshield, leaving you with a rather disgusting mess to clean up.

Here are a few methods of how you can easily clean up all the gross splatter off of your windshield.

Effective and Easy ways to Clean Insects off your windshield

Bugs splatter on windshields is inevitable. Everyone encounters it, and everyone has to clean it. You can’t get rid of bugs everywhere you go, but what you can do is learn effective tips and tricks to make the cleaning process easier.  

Vinegar or Baking Soda

These household staple ingredients are great at cleaning almost anything and are very effective at cleaning those nasty bug insides off of your windshield too. It is more like an all-purpose cleaner and gives results similar to using a professional-grade cleaner. Just dilute it by mixing an equal quantity of water and vinegar, and spray it on the windshield. Allow it to settle for a couple of minutes before wiping with a microfiber towel.  

Coca Cola

Yes, Coca Cola. It’s as easy as pouring it on the windshield, waiting a few minutes, and wiping it clean. This will easily remove all bugs and their insides, but you will have to wash it with water afterward to avoid stickiness.  

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is a safe and rather obvious option to clean the insects off your windshield. Spray the glass cleaner on the splatters and give it a couple of minutes. Wipe it all clean with a microfiber cloth.  

Whenever you are headed out, especially on longer routes, it is important that you carry a cleaner with you, as driving around with a dirty windshield is hazardous.