How Negligence Can Damage Windshields & Cost A LOT

How Negligence Can Damage Windshields & Cost A LOT

A windshield is a very important component in a vehicle, and any negligence towards it can not only damage your car but also cost you a hefty amount.

Even if your windshield has a minor chip or fracture, it is critical that you have it restored as soon as possible. Most drivers don’t consider repairing cracks as long as their vision is not getting impaired; however, even the tiniest break can lead to extensive damage and could also cause serious injuries.

What is Windshield Negligence?

American law requires that the windshield must meet certain criteria; otherwise, the driver can be charged a fine, and if he is involved in an accident, he could be subject to heavy payouts.

  • A windshield is essential on each and every vehicle on the road., except for vintage cars or motorbikes.
  • Windshields manufactured these days are built with a safety coating that prevents the windshield glass from flying when shattered.
  • All windshields must have operating windshield wipers to wipe away moisture, rain, or snow.

As it can hinder the driver’s view, it is illegal to drive around in a car with a damaged windshield. Violating any of the requirements mentioned above is negligence on the driver’s part, and the driver is personally liable for any damage created by improper maintenance.  

Negligence can also be defined as the failure to use the vehicle’s gear. For example, not turning on the wipers during a snowstorm to prevent damaging the wipers.

Negligence is also when you prolong getting your windshield crack repair. The slightest crack can lead to the shattering of the windshield; additionally, a crack also causes the car airbags to stop working and disrupt the structural integrity of the vehicle while also giving rise to many other dangers. Furthermore, the greater the damage, the more it will cost for you to get it repaired.

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