How Long Can I Leave a Chipped Windshield Before Getting It Repaired or Replaced?

How Long Can I Leave a Chipped Windshield Before Getting It Repaired or Replaced?

Leaving a chipped windshield before getting it repaired or replaced isn’t a good idea under any circumstances. You should get it repaired as quickly as possible since the smallest chip or crack can spread. When that happens, a simple repair job can lead to you needing to get the windshield replaced altogether.

Everyone has a busy schedule and may not have ‘getting the windshield repaired’ in their schedule, causing them to delay getting it done as long as possible. If you find yourself in such a position in Pennsylvania, you don’t have to worry about making the time for a drive down to the repair shop.

Luckily, True Blue Auto Glass offers mobile windshield replacement and repair that can be scheduled around your availability.

The longer you leave your windshield chipped or cracked, the more damage you will cause to your windshield. Some factors that can exacerbate the situation include:

Changes in Temperature

Expanding and contracting glass can lead the crack to open and close during the day and night. When this happens, your windshield’s structure tends to shift, thus weakening the corner of each crack or chip. In one day, these cracks will start spreading on a microscopic level. Within a few days, you will see marked differences in the crack with the naked eye.


Driving on smooth roads is fine; however, when you drive onto gravel or hit a pothole, the car’s frame puts pressure on your windshield that gets released from the crack. Hit a pothole hard enough, and you risk shattering the windshield completely!


Windshields have a layer of polyvinyl butyral between two laminated glass layers. If the damage goes past the outer layer, the butyral can get contaminated and introduce cloudiness. When that happens, you have no other option but to get the windshield replaced.

If you have even the smallest chip or crack in your windshield, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible. It would be cost-effective now, and you won’t risk your safety. You can call us at any time to schedule an appointment or have our mobile windshield repair and replacement service come to you!