How Is Our Pricing Policy Different From the Competition?

How Is Our Pricing Policy Different From the Competition?

At True Blue Auto Glass, we believe in providing the best service at the best price. Here is our pricing policy to help you understand how we stand out from the crowd.

  Others’ Pricing Policy Our Pricing Policy
Hidden Charges Might skip various components Comprehensive
Taxes Excluded Included
Insurance Coverage Subjective No payment if damage is covered


Pricing Policy of Many Companies in the Auto Glass Industry

Includes Hidden Charges

The price quoted by service providers may not include various elements such as:

  • Mobile windshield replacement and repair
  • Disposal charges
  • Molding, and other windshield replacement and repair charges

Excludes Tax

Companies often exclude taxes from the prices they quote, effectively making their prices more attractive. When the final price is revealed after the service, it is then an inflated one.

Our Pricing Policy

Does Not Have Any Hidden Charges

The price quoted by us is comprehensive, helping you determine what costs how much. There are no hidden charges in our final invoice to surprise or shock customers. The price that is quoted by us initially is the final one.

Quotes All-Inclusive Prices

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes. There are no extra charges which are mentioned in the invoice which can add to the price quoted.

Includes Insurance Coverage

In many cases, our customers do not need to pay anything for windshield repair or replacement if they have a comprehensive car insurance plan. We are well-connected with most insurance companies and offer the best advice regarding claims processes to help customers get waivers.

If a customer does not have an insurance plan which covers such costs, we take it upon ourselves to offer the best price possible.

Even if the prices quoted by us are not as low as others’, these prices are reliable in the long run because there are no additional costs. The consistent high quality of our service ensures value for money and that you get the best deal possible.

Our pricing policy is one of the strongest points of our service and the reason customers keep coming back to us whenever they need a windshield repair or replacement service.

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